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Influens of irrigation and fertigation technology on the quality of lettuce


In production of foods for direct consumption, for example lettuce, more importance is attached to their quality which is reasoned as food safety. One of the criteria used for the estimation of such interpretation of quality, is the content of nitrates in these foods. The objective of undertaking this study was to evaluate the influence of the application of irrigation technics (technology) and fertilization with the help of drip irrigation as well as subsurface irrigation on the quality of lettuce, but with minimalization of contamination of lettuce by nitrates. The content of nitrates differed in experimanetal lettuce. Comparing the results obtained in this research with the data of other studies available in literature, a significant reduction of these chemicals was found with subterranean irrigation as well as with fortigation. Lettuce from controlled plots of ground and fertilized but not irrigated plots accumulated a lot of nitrates and nitrites. On the basis of this research, it was found that lettuce fertilized by irrigation system had better organoleptic qualities than lettuce fertilized through top-dressing.