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Dynamic method of evaluation of changes viscoelastic properties of meat by heating effect


The rheological performance of the raw meat and the meat boiled at four different temperatures was studied with the use of the dynamic method of the uniaxial sinusoidal compression. The samples of meat were subject to compression perpendicular to fibres in a thermostat chamber that limited free strain to one direction of the action of a penetrator. Tests were carried out at 30% level of deformation, and in four different temperatures – 20, 40, 60 and 80ºC. Changes in viscous properties represented by the actual component of combined Young’s modulus and changes of viscous performance represented by the coefficient of dynamic viscosity were studied. The dynamics of changes in springiness rate of a muscle representing the structural changes of the material under study and caused by the strain were also investigated. It was stated that changes of maximum values of stress during 30% deformation of LD muscles cycles in 20, 40, 60 i 80ºC temperature can be described by an equation of τ = a·tc. The determination coefficients that describe the adjustment of theoretical curves to experimental results reached values not lower than R2 = 0,97 in most of cases.


meat, mechanical properties, texture, sinusoidal compression