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Baking quality of flour obtained from grain of chosen spelt varieties (Triticum spelta L.)


Flour baking quality obtained from grain of 7 spelt varieties (Triticum spelta L.) and grain of one common wheat (control sample) cultivated in Poland in controlled agrotechnical conditions according to ecological agriculture rules, was determined in this study. The total ash content, falling number, wet gluten yield, total protein content and Zeleny test were investigated in the studied flour. The laboratory baking test was made and the studied breads were analyzed by panel organoleptic evaluation. The compressibility of bread crumb was analyzed using the test of uniaxial compression between two parallel plates. The obtained results were statically analyzed. Flour obtained from grain of most of investigated spelt varieties showed higher wet gluten yield and total protein content, comparing with the control, but this protein had worse technological quality than flour protein from grain of common wheat variety Korweta. It was indicated by significantly lower levels of Zeleny test values in the spelt flours. Analyzing the results of the laboratory baking test, it was stated, that the bread, obtained from the studied spelt flours, can have quality comparable with the quality of bread from flour from grain of common wheat variety Korweta, and even in some bread quality parameters (bread yield, baking loss, crumb porosity, cutting ability, taste and aroma) – can show better quality than the control bread. Values of spelt bread crumb compressibility (except of bread crumb from spelt variety Ceralio) were significantly higher or left on the same level as crumb compressibility of common wheat bread. It was also noticed, that the indirect methods of determination of breadmaking quality of the spelt flour, do not show linear correlation with the results of the laboratory baking test, which suggest a necessity of performing the laboratory baking trials. The spelt grain can be a good source for making bread flour, but it closely depends on choice of spelt variety. The recommended spelt varieties are: Oberkulmer Rotkorn and Ceralio.


spelt, baking quality of flour, laboratory baking test