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The quality of proteincarbohydrate supplements and consumer preferences of people with higher levels of physical activity


In the nutritional diet of sportspersons, the crucial role play specially designed or ready-made supplements and their effect depends on their composition, administration method and dosage rate. Mostly, the persons who practise speed & weight sports, or do physical exercises to improve the aesthetic appearance of their silhouette, eat protein-carbohydrate supplements. The objective of the study was to assess the quality of some selected, protein-carbohydrate preparations and to investigate preferences of the consumers of those supplements among people going in for sports. Additionally, the investigations performed had to identify the features impacting the decision on purchasing the supplements, as well as the extent of the impact exerted by each feature. The research material comprised several chocolate-flavoured protein-carbohydrate compositions manufactured by the companies: Olimp, Nutrend, Vitalmax, and Naturell. The content of the following components was determined: protein by using a Kjeldahl method; fat by using a Soxhlet method; total sugars by a Luff-Shoorl method; and mineral compounds in the form of ash insoluble in 4M HC. Additionally, a sensory analysis of the research material was performed using a 5-point scale method. The consumer preferences for supplements were investigated by a questionnaire method among 150 persons attending sports & recreation centres and sports clubs. The content levels of the basic chemical components were close to the values as declared by the manufacturers and complied with the values appearing characteristic for a given group of supplements. With regard to the sensory analysis, the highest mean (4.1 scores) was given to a supplement manufactured by ‘Olimp’ as, while a supplement by the ‘Vitalmax’ Co. was rated the lowest (2.1 scores). The consumers investigated found the nutritional value of supplements to be a factor deciding on their choosing a supplement, and among the reasons of using those supplements, they pointed out their positive impact on the body and appearance. Most frequently, people with higher levels of physical activity ate protein (67%) or carbohydrate-protein supplements (35%). Sensory features had an absolutely lower impact on the purchasing decisions.


protein-carbohydrate supplements, sensory quality, consumer preferences