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Guaranteed level of service quality in a network of bistro bars as perceived by customers


The objective of the survey was to find what the customers of bistro bars knew about the food production hygiene and how they perceived it depending on their age and education level. The survey results obtained reflected the level of customer knowledge in this field; they constituted an attempt to find whether or not the age and education were significantly important for the perception of this issue. The survey covered bistro bars in one petrol station network selected in the Province of Malopolska. The survey was conducted in 2007 and consisted in anonymously polling 100 customers using questionnaires. The survey results showed that the average customer was aware of the importance of food production hygiene and, also, was critical when giving his opinion on both the quality of food products and the quality level of services in bistro bars of the selected petrol station network. The survey accomplished proved that the education level advantageously impacted the awareness and perception of the food production hygiene, however, the age did not significantly impact the customer perception referring to this issue.


food production hygiene, market survey, customer awareness, bistro bars, petrol station