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Preferred sources of food information in the opinion of consumers


Consumers are interested in food and nutrition issues, so they often look for information on food. For this purpose they may use many different sources of information: the Internet, social  media, television, books, magazines and the others. The paper presents the results of research on a representative sample of 2000 consumers regarding the preferred sources of food  information. The research survey was conducted in 2020 with the use of a CAWI method. During the research survey consumers were requested to indicate the preferred sources of food  information from the following: Internet, television, radio, books, glossy magazines, specialist magazines, friends and social media. They could also select the response showing the lack of  interest in that issue and/or indicate other sources of food information. The most often selected sources of food information in the opinion of the consumers were: Internet (86.4 % of  indications), television (63.5 % of indications) and friends (57.1 % of indications). Only 4 % of the consumers admitted they did not look for food information at all. Internet as a source of food  information was indicated most often by young consumers (91.1 % of indications), at the same time the amount of indications among the oldest consumers (70+) accounted for 77.2 %. Young  people looked for food information in  social media more often than others. As for people with higher education, books were the preferred source of food information more often than for the others.


information, consumers, food, information sources