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The application of foam-glass as a yeast carrier in fruit-wine biologic oxidation process


The main pourpose of the work was the comparison of the effects of fruit-wine biologic oxidation process (sherrysation) caried out using yeat immobilized on white foam-glass and the submersion film method (air admission and splash). The sherrysation was carried on laboratory scale. Industrial wines such as: apple and strawberry wine were studied. Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast Bratysława variety were applied. The basic chemical composition of wine before and after sherrysation was analized, components influencing the taste and smell and the content of given metals. The organoleptic test was also carried out. All applied methods have given typical properties for sherry fruit wines. Products of the highest quality were obtained using yeast immobilized on white foam-glass. White foam-glass, due to its porous, solid structure retained on its surface most of the yeast cells, did not give alien taste, it was easy to wash and regenerate it and thus it can be successfully applied to immobilized yeast in fruit-wine biologic oxidation.