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The effect of nonwoven polypropylene covering in cultivation of very early potato cultivars on the content of some nutrient components in immature tubers


The effect of the potato cultivation technology for early crop (no covering, covering by nonwoven polypropylene) on the some nutrient components content in tubers of very early cultivars (Aster, Drop) was investigated. Potatoes were harvested 60 and 75 days after planting. The result of employing the nonwoven polypropylene covering contributed to increase in the dry matter content in tubers on an average by 1.17%, in comparison with the cultivation without the plant covering, but did not have effect on the starch, protein and vitamin C content in tubers. The content of examined components in potato tubers in greater degree depended on the harvest date and meteorological conditions in the vegetation period of potato. The retarding of harvested date contributed to increase concentration on the nutrient components in tubers. Independently o f employed the cultivation technology the contents of dry matter, starch and vitamin C in tubers of both cultivars showed no significant difference, however, higher protein on an average by 0.14% contents in tubers of Aster cultivar.


early potato, nonwoven polypropylene, tubers quality