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The state of Polish research about nutritional value of poultry meat


The knowledge of nutritional value of poultry meat, which consumption increasing steadily, can be important for producers as well as consumers of this meat and its products. In Polish literature chemical composition of breast and thigh/leg muscles of different species of poultry is very well recognized. However, it is worse regarding fatty acid composition of poultry muscles fat (e.g. there is no information for turkeys) and the results of few publications sometimes make difficulties to compare them with those from foreign papers. Knowledge of vitamins in poultry meat is based on data published more than 20 years ago, and minerals content in duck and geese is presented not for particular muscles but for flesh, meat from whole carcass. Therefore, there are still many blank spots which should be filled in to complete the knowledge of nutritional value of poultry muscles.


species, poultry muscles, sex, nutritional value, chemical composition, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, cholesterol